Customer/Vendor Assurance

Your customers and/or vendors increasingly want assurance that you are taking appropriate steps to protect their data.

Our Solutions
  • Vendor%20ManagementVendor Risk ManagementDeveloping a VRM strategy will help you reduce the risks your vendors introduce to your business, protect the assets your vendors are accessing, and ultimately improve vendor relationships.
  • Web%20Application%20TestingWeb Application TestingBecause web applications handle sensitive data in the retail industry, they present an enticing target for attackers. Retailers need to ensure the security of these applications.
  • INFOSEC%20CMMI%20AssessmentINFOSEC CMMI AssessmentPerforming an INFOSEC provides an organization with a clear view of the maturity of its entire security program, which can then be confidently communicated to clients and vendors in industry-recognized terms.
  • Penetration%20TestingPenetration TestingPenetration Tests are an important part of any security program.
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