SecureState partners with many different organizations to act as a resource and a trusted adviser as part of a bilateral relationship.

At SecureState, we focus on providing security, compliance, and risk solutions to meet all of our customer’s needs. To do this, SecureState partners with a variety of other companies to provide guidance and advise their customers on the best methods to reach their ultimate business goals.

Partnering with SecureState

SecureState has a specific set of values that we feel make us a valuable resource for any company to work with. These values include:

  • Complementing our partners' offerings with our own, helping align their clients' security program with their business goals.
  • Ensuring that every partnership is bilateral. This is accomplished by promoting SecureState partner services to SecureState clients. In-turn, SecureState provides value to our partners with SecureState consulting services.
  • SecureState continues to remain product agnostic to fit into most potential partner opportunities while not impeding a potential sale or relationship.
  • Using SecureState assessments and consulting services to develop additional opportunities for our partners. SecureState will also help position our partners to assist with remediation efforts.
  • As a partner your company will work with our Industry focused teams to maximize your potential to discover opportunities within verticles. 
  • We align our partners to our services within industries to ensure the most effective and successful implementation of the opportunities created.

To ensure a successful partnership, SecureState has established a vertical-based go-to-market strategy which enhances the value of our partners within their areas of business. A management consultant specializing in each industry manages the team of consultants and tech writers as well as the project itself. The value of the experience and knowledge of these industry experts transcends to the needs of the C-Level and executive level management of organizations seeking to understand risk and how SecureState can help to mitigate risk while aligning security and compliance with each organization’s business goals. Partners are the fastest and most effective way to build your business and through Securestate we will unlock the door to your services and products.


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