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SecureState is a global management consulting firm focused on information security. We are the trusted advisor to organizations and governments large and small.


SecureState understands the business drivers behind information security. This fundamental attribute aligns our recommendations with business needs in an effort to generate the highest Return on Security Investment (ROSI). SecureState’s value above what you find elsewhere lies in our ability to bridge the high-level strategic perspectives of aligning security to enterprise risk with the tactical, technical perspective of a program approach to get the job done. 

We are passionate about taking on the difficult challenges that matter to our clients. Our diverse experience and knowledge coupled with a focused discipline, allow us to address problems that virtually no one else can. 


SecureState was founded in 2001 on the standard of providing clients "Best Value" management consulting around security with boutique customer care. SecureState's name originated from the understanding that there are three separate states of security: The Current State, The Desired State, and the managed or “Secure State.” We are thus driven to provide our clients with the understanding and ability to build and maintain a truly SecureState. Our executive management team is always accessible to our clients and employees. Our customers are priority number one.

We affiliate ourselves with some of the best.
  • PurposeOur Purpose is simple: We strive to make the world more secure.
  • Core ValuesOur work leads to positive change around the country and even across the world. This reinforces our belief in what we do and integrates our sense of purpose into who we are.
  • MissionOur mission is to be the best by doing the right thing for all we encounter and bringing the most value to our clients.
Our Culture We believe in partnering with our clients, not just doing business with them. Our culture thrives on innovating new ways to solve their biggest challenges.
Meet Our Team Those who come to SecureState join a team bound by these shared set of values and a culture of support, caring, action, thinking, and the change that comes with continuous improvement.
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